About JHW

JHW Communications, registered in 2004, is dedicated to providing experienced and professional specialised IT Consultancy, deployment and management services to clients focused on the greater Cape Town region. We understand the importance of personalized, cost effective, transparent and professional IT services. To this end, we utilise world class project management and task tracking systems for our IT service commitments. We have dedicated skilled and experienced personell available for a variety of general and highly specialized IT requirements.

Through effective implementation of technology, JHW Communications today serves not just local Cape Town based clients, but also clients abroad and in other regions of South Africa.

JHW Communications has effectively managed and deployed a variety of IT solutions over the past 12 years to a diverse set of clients in the medical, printing, valuation, security, tourism, finance, engineering and educational sectors. Twelve years on, JHW Communications continues to go from strength to strength where we still strive to source the best talent and skills for general and highly specialized IT projects we undertake, but still remain true to our roots of transparent and personalized IT service delivery.