JHW Service Offering

Continuity Management: Having a proper backup and disaster recovery strategy in place is crucial for protecting a business's continuity. The JHW IT consultant will analyse and implement a backup/failover and disaster recovery strategy to minimize client downtime. This strategy usually includes real-time data synchronization, daily onsite and offsite data backups and annual data archiving/maintenance. The single point of failure components in a client's IT infrastructure are identified and failover hardware is acquired. Recovery procedures are documented for implementation in case of disaster.

System Administration: The JHW IT consultant will take responsibility for the management and administration of the client's IT systems, including:
• In-house servers (file server, webserver, email server, firewall etc)
• Staff devices (desktops, notebooks, printers, mobile devices etc)
• Web presence (company website, email, online visitor statistics, full domain administration, etc)
• Line of Business Applications (accounting, CRM, HRM, VoIP etc).

Helpdesk Management: Onsite and remote support services are available for all IT-related issues experienced by our clients. The JHW IT consultant implements software and monitor system logs in an attempt to prevent these issues or handle them pro-actively. In the case where this is not possible, the IT issues reported by the client are treated in a remote fashion - by phone call, remote desktop assistance, etc). If unsuccessful or where not possible, the JHW IT consultant will attend to the issue onsite at the client premises within the agreed upon service level.

Software Development: JHW Communications has extensive experience in the full software development life-cycle (all major methodologies):
• Requirements analysis and documentation of specifications.
• Coding and debugging of the developed code.
• Testing and quality control against the specifications.
• Deployment, implementation and maintenance of the developed product.

For more information on any of the above services, please contact us.